Guest Speaker - Rev Christine Grace

We are pleased to welcome back Rev Christine Grace as our guest speaker who will be presenting "Wisdom for the Ages".

True Wisdom always invites us to Know for ourselves, and therefore put to good use, each our own unique Voice of Wisdom. Let us open our ears and our eyes to the Wise Master Teachers’ messages that all speak about the same thing, and ask ourselves what IS ours to do in this Lenten Season. Let us use this time of moving through the desert of each our own consciousness in a purposeful way as we lovingly let go, crossing out all that no longer serves us. What will you allow to fall away once and for all? Is there something standing in the way of your deepest Truth so that you may be fully Resurrected, standing tall in all your Glory in this lifetime?

We have a Divine Opportunity to live our precious lives from The Voice of Wisdom … are you willing to listen to the call of your own heart, and apply the Wisdom that comes forth which lead us always to the Good Life. A New Age is upon us. Let YOUR Life Speak For Its’ Self. True Wisdom is being called forth. Please join me at Unity of Chattanooga as we March Forth in Love!