Guest Speaker Rev Richard Maraj


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REV RICHARD MARAJ presents "Willing to be Willing"
Do you ever think about what blocks you from living the life you want? Where are you feeling held back or even disappointed? Rev Richard Maraj suggests that it is a closed or resistant mindset. An unwilling mind can actually reduce your level of happiness. There is so much good in life if you are willing to open yourself up for it. So, the questions becomes, are you "Willing to be Willing"? Join us at 11 AM.

Rev Richard Maraj is currently the Senior Minister at Unity of Phoenix, one of the largest Unity ministries in the world, where he has served since 2005. His charismatic, relatable speaking style combines a depth of spiritual knowledge, a sharp intellect, and a great sense of humor and contagious enthusiasm to touch and energize his audience into expanding their understanding of God, life and themselves.