Join us for Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Holy Week journey. Just as the crowds gathered over 2000 years ago, we come together on Palm Sunday to look at how this story reflects upon the human story today. Have you ever felt called to move boldly forward knowing the odds were against you? Even if your heart was pounding, you took a step in the direction you knew would fulfill your purpose. Jesus was true to himself and his mission on Earth. He kept on being Jesus, teaching what he taught, attracting crowds, performing miracles, letting the chips fall where they may. This is also a 

Join Rev Doug as he reminds us to welcome the Christ Presence into our hearts, as well as the importance of our own willingness to stay on purpose, and to be true to our TRUE self.

Where will you find us at 11 AM on Sundays? At the Red Bank Community Center, located at 3653 Tom Weathers Dr in Red Bank, behind Erlanger North Hopsital.