IN-PERSON Service with Deb Moore at TN Riverpark

 "Who We Are . . . Really."
Through most of our lives, we present ourselves to others as a collection of personality traits, occupations, hobbies, and other elements we like to think of as our "identity." The truth is, though, that we are the pure presence of Divine Love . . . and nothing else.

Guest Speaker Deb Moore joins us from the Nashville area as our Guest Speaker. Once again we will enjoy each other's company in person at the TNRiverpark in Pavilion #2. Be sure to invite your family and friends and bring a chair! To follow CDC guidelines social distancing and masks are encouraged but not enforced. Of course, you will still be able to catch our service on Facebook or YouTube if you are more comfortable staying home.

Don't forget that Shannon LeBrun will also be there to collect any food and toiletry items or cash that you would like to donate to our on-going drive to collect indiviually wrapped snacks, toiletries and socks for the Homeless Blessing Bags that we give away at the tent city in downtown Chattanooga.