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Unity Co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore understood Christmas as a season of great joy and expectancy but also viewed it as a time for inner celebration when the Christ is born in human hearts. Charles wrote in the December 1919 issue of Unity magazine, “The Divine Man, which Jesus brought forth, must be born into the consciousness of the Higher Self. We must perceive that the real man is constantly coming forth. This is the meaning of Christmas. It does not belong to the past; it is a vital, living, present Truth. The bringing forth of the Christ child is not a work that is finished in Bethlehem. It is taking place in our midst every day. It is this we celebrate.”
During December, Rev Jon Scott would like us to turn our focus on what is the true meaning of Christmas.
That is keeping the Holy in holiday and the Christ in Christmas.
Tis the season to birth the Christ presence within ourselves to bring us into alignment with our Divine Nature. 
This holiday season, we wish you and yours a happy, happy merry everything!