Sunday Celebration Service & Children's Sunday School

These are such exciting times to be alive!!  It seems all systems are shifting. Science, medicine, religion, and yes even politics. Now it's time for the constructs of our minds to do the same. Just as the caterpillar becomes a winged being called a butterfly, so are we learning to fly above what we've crawled beneath. So set aside your fear of the unknown. Lose yourself from limiting beliefs and walk into the cloud. After all everything seems to be in cloud these days! The data necessary for the human update is there. 
As my friend and one of my teachers Carlton Pearson has said "Shift happens, and often hits the fan." I like to think of it as the holy shift and it's going to feel chaotic at first but hold on while the new wind blows. Allow, ride the wave, rest in the midst of turmoil; there is a Christ consciousness in the bow of your boat calling you to peace in the MIST of the storm. You will get your shift together when the wind slows and the rain has finished watering the new garden. Hold on to the deep faith you didn't even realize you had in the source of being, God, the I Am. 
Enjoy the ride because there's a new day dawning. After the rain the sun will shine, and this new creation will grow. You're not in trouble you're in transition. You're transcending, transforming, and in fact morphing into the God Being you truly are.