Sunday Celebration Service & Children's Sunday School

Rev Jon presents the 12 Powers of Human. The co-founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore, came from a traditional Christian background but had some experiences that led him to explore a broader understanding of scripture and spirituality. This led Charles to study various religious ideas that led to a metaphysical understanding of the Bible and the life message of Jesus. As a result of this deeper understanding, Charles sat in meditation with the personality of each of the disciples Jesus chose in his ministry and discovered the spiritual qualities or powers that they each represented.  In this 12-week series, Rev Jon will use Fillmore's exploration as the inspiration to see how freedom and strength can come from the development of these powers that we already have within. This is a journey to consciously and intentionally connect with our higher-self to uncover each ingredient to the formula for living fully aware of and awake to the Christ we each one are.