Sunday Service on Facebook - "The Divine Dance"

  While our facility remains closed through July, the Sunday service is live-streamed each week on Unity of Chattanooga's Facebook page at 10 AM.

Rev Jon's series in July is called "The Divine Dance". There's a time and season for everything under the sun. In our earth experience there's a time to be dependent, needing help from something or someone else. There's also space in our time-line when we are co-dependent, both in healthy and unhealthy expressions. And of course, we all go through a time of wanting and even demanding our independence. 

Then something happens as we move deeper into the light of pure presence where a realization occurs. We begin to grasp the idea that this human existence is really a play - a theater production - a drama. We become aware that there's something deeper behind it all. As our soul chooses to awaken the truth of our oneness with everything and everyone, we start to see behind the veil that has so often blurred our inner vision and dimmed our view. In this space, we realize our interdependence.

With our hearts and minds wide open, let's step onto the dance floor with the desire to simply engage in each step of the Divine Dance. After all, the whole point of dancing is the dance itself!