Zoom Class- "If You Only Knew..."

 "If You Only Knew - Exploring The Deep Mysteries of Spirituality"
This will be a zoom class starting Saturday, April 10th At 1 PM
This is a class like none he has ever shared before filled with insights into the spiritual journey that he has never taught or written about before. It will be an experience in which you will know confusion is the mother of wisdom, that doubt is the precursor of faith, that darkness is often a better description of God than light, and that mystery is the most accurate name for God. This is a 6-week Saturday class on Zoom begins on April 10th. Each time, the class lasts for one hour at 1 pm EDT . If you are interested in joining this gathering, please send me your email address to jimrosemergy@gmail.com. It is offered on a love offering basis.
Even though he has retired from church minisry, Rev. Rosemergy has been a regular columnist for Unity Magazine and guest speaks at various Unity churches. He has authored numerous Unity books: A Recent Revelation, Living the Mystical Life Today, The Watcher, The Transcendent Life, A Daily Guide to Spiritual Living, A Closer Walk With God, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay, The Sacred Human, The Quest for Meaning, The Third Coming, The Prayer that God Prays, Attaining the Unattainable: The Will of God, and his most recent book, The Gathering.