Press for details

Press for details

Unity of Chattanooga has moved!

Our Sunday meeting is now at the Granfalloon located at 400 Main Street. Our church offices and classroom are currently under construction. We expect to move into the new offices by November 1. Unless you have been informed of an alternate location, all classes have been suspended until the new space is completed. Watch the website and Facebook page for updates.


Coming Speakers and Events

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On August 28, Unity of Chattanooga moved into the new home at 400 East Main Street. The Sunday Service area, located in the Granfalloon meeting space, supports up to 300 in-person attendees and was was ready to support the gathering as of that date.

The church offices, located in the connected Clearstory building, are still under construction and have a new estimated completion date of November 1. The control room for the broadcast is located in the office area which is not yet complete. As a result, the video broadcast must wait until the area is completed to begin again.

As a temporary measure, we are making changes to have an audio broadcast live by December 4. We expect video streaming to resume on November 6. Please watch this site for further details.

Unity’s message of spirituality, of the power of God within, resonates deeply with those of many faiths and beliefs. It is a philosophy of gentle words, silent prayer, and personal growth. It is a philosophy of self, of each other, and of God.

Unity of Chattanooga is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries, and we invite you visit us and discover your own path of spiritual growth with us.Google+

Visit our service at Unity of Chattanooga Sunday at 11 ET