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Here's what's happening at Unity of Chattanooga:


Join us 11 AM at the Granfalloon or watch the service "live" on Unity of Chattanooga's Facebook page. 

Rev Christine Grace is our Guest Speaker on March 17th
presenting : "Wisdom of the Ages"

True Wisdom always invites us to Know for ourselves, and therefore put to good use our own unique Voice of Wisdom. Let us open our ears and our eyes to the Wise Master Teachers’ messages that all speak about the same thing, and ask ourselves what IS ours to do in this Lenten Season. Let us use this time of moving through the desert of our own consciousness in a purposeful way as we lovingly let go, crossing out all that no longer serves us. What will you allow to fall away once and for all? Is there something standing in the way of your deepest Truth so that you may be fully Resurrected, standing tall in all your Glory in this lifetime? 

We have a Divine Opportunity to live our precious lives from The Voice of Wisdom … are you willing to listen to the call of your own heart, and apply the Wisdom that comes forth? This is the True Wisdom that will lead us always to the Good Life. Let YOUR Life Speak For Its’ Self. True Wisdom is being called forth. 
Please join us for this special oportunity to experience the joy and inspirtaion of Rev Christine as we March forth in Love together!

March 24th and 31st with Rev Jon Scott

These are such exciting times to be alive!!  It seems that all systems are shifting - science, medicine, religion, and yes even politics. Now it's time for the constructs of our minds to do the same. Just as the caterpillar becomes a winged being called a butterfly, so are we learning to fly above what we've crawled beneath. The cats out of the bag as we spiritual beings having a human experience wake up in consciousness. 
We are coming into the awareness that when you change the way you see your world the world you see will actually and factually change. This is a quantum truth. There are many who understand that the quantum field is there for us to choose which thoughts we will believe, which thoughts we will allow residence, and which thoughts we will incarcerate and ultimately incinerate. 
We're starting to realize that we believe a lot at this time but actually know very little on the surface. Deep in our essential self, there's a knowing, a longing, a sense of urgency at times to return home. We've thought returning home required death but I'm thinking more and more each day that returning home is possible right here and now. So set aside your fear of the unknown. Lose yourself from limiting beliefs and walk into the cloud. After all everything seems to be in cloud these days!
The data necessary for the human update is here. 
I like to think of it as a holy shift and it's going to feel chaotic at first but hold on while the new wind blows. Allow, ride the wave, rest in the midst of turmoil for there is a Christ consciousness in the bow of your boat calling you to peace in the MIST of the storm. You will get your shift together when the wind slows and the rain has finished watering the new garden. Hold on to the deep faith you didn't even realize you had in the source of being, God, the I Am. You're not in trouble you're in transition. You're transcending, transforming, and in fact morphing into the God Being you truly are. 

At Unity of Chattanooga, we offer some opportunities for you to grow spiritually, meet new friends, and just have fun. These workshops, classes, and on-going events will lift your spirit and give you something to help you with the real life issues you face during the week. Our Adult Education classes are usually 4-6 weeks long and are currently taught on Sunday afternoons at 12:30 following the Sunday service and Fellowship. The classes are based on books that follow the teachings of Unity or are in alignment with Unity principles. They help us to deepen our understanding of our spiritual selves to unfold our own path of spiritual growth. “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2



Rev Jon takes on a new book to discuss for the Wednesday Night Midweek Check-in at 7 PM on the Unity of Chattanooga Facebook Page. He will be studying Lao-Tzu's book, Tao Te Ching. The title also means the way of virtue. Please note that the version of the book that he will be reading is the translation by Stephen Mitchell.
Rev Jon says that the key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. In 81 chapters, Lao-Tzu's Tao Te Ching provides advice that imparts balance and perspective, a serene and generous spirit, and teaches us how to work for the good with the effortless skill that comes from being in accord with the Tao—the basic principle of the universe. 
You can follow along and order your own book on Amazon Smile and support Unity of Chattanooga at the same time.




Even though a minister may not be in attendance each week, this group gets together over a cup of coffee or tea for friendly spiritual conversations on Thursdays at Noon at The Meeting House located at 3912 Dayton Blvd across from Food City in Red Bank. There is parking around the back of the building.


This group meets at the home of Keith & Laura Noyes located at 906 Brynwood DR in Chattanooga on Thursday afternoons at 3:00. Qigong is a meditative practice to balance the body energies to enhance well-being and health. No prior experience is needed and class is open to everyone.