Events & Classes

Here's what's happening at Unity of Chattanooga:


Join us at 11 AM at the Granfalloon or watch the service "live" on Unity of Chattanooga's Facebook page. 

New Series Starting in September 


For the next few weeks, Rev Jon will seek to discover and uncover Unity's 5 Basic Principles  and how these wonderful concepts and spiritual truths can impact and improve our lives on a daily basis. On September 8th, he will start with the first principle, "God is all." We will look at how "God" (divine presence, ground of being, source) is in, through, and as everything created.
Essentially, it's all God.
Decades ago in India a young 8 year old Avatar had grown to a very well-known status in his community and was gaining more and more influence so an adult gentleman, who was a politician, thought he'd try to trick this young man and as a result discredit him so that his influence would lessen. He sought for an audience with the young avatar and made sure there were many people in the room who'd see what went down.  When the politician entered the room, he came with oranges knowing the young avatar enjoyed that particular fruit. He opened with saying "I will give you an orange if you can tell me where God is." The young avatar looked at him intently and replied, "I'll give you an orange orchard if you can tell me where God is not." 

Unity's Annual World Day of Prayer

Unity's World Day of Prayer is held annually on the second Thursday in September. World Day of Prayer unites all Unity churches and draws in New Thought partner communities for a 24-hour period of prayer practice. In prayer, we dissolve our personal borders as we realize God within us, around us, is an active source of life, love, and wisdom. This year's theme is 
"Infinite Presence - Unlimited Possibilities".
7 p.m. Central Time—Opening Service in the Activities Center with keynote address. Music provided. Live-streamed at 
8:30 p.m. Central Time —24-hour Prayer Vigil begins in the Silent Unity Chapel and continues through Thursday, September 12.
11 a.m. Central Time —Silent Unity Prayer Service in the Activities Center. Live-streamed at
2:30 p.m. Central Time —Embodying the Presence: The Sound of Limitless Potential in the Activities Center. Live-streamed at
8 p.m. Central Time —Closing of the 24-hour Prayer Vigil in the Silent Unity Chapel.
Unity World Day of Prayer is a global event. You are invited to light a virtual candle to represent your light shining in prayer by going to


At Unity of Chattanooga, we offer some opportunities for you to grow spiritually, meet new friends, and just have fun. These workshops, classes, and on-going events will lift your spirit and give you something to help you with the real life issues you face during the week. Our Adult Education classes are usually 4-6 weeks long and are currently taught on Sunday afternoons at 12:30 following the Sunday service and Fellowship. The classes are based on books that follow the teachings of Unity or are in alignment with Unity principles. They help us to deepen our understanding of our spiritual selves to unfold our own path of spiritual growth. “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2


Rev Jon takes on a new book to discuss for the Wednesday Night Midweek Check-in at 7 PM on the Unity of Chattanooga Facebook Page. He will be studying Lao-Tzu's book, Tao Te Ching. The title also means the way of virtue. Please note that the version of the book that he will be reading is the translation by Stephen Mitchell.
Rev Jon says that the key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. In 81 chapters, Lao-Tzu's Tao Te Ching provides advice that imparts balance and perspective, a serene and generous spirit, and teaches us how to work for the good with the effortless skill that comes from being in accord with the Tao—the basic principle of the universe. 
You can follow along and order your own book on Amazon Smile and support Unity of Chattanooga at the same time.




Even though a minister may not be in attendance each week, this group gets together over a cup of coffee or tea for friendly spiritual conversations on Thursdays at Noon at The Meeting House located at 3912 Dayton Blvd across from Food City in Red Bank. There is parking around the back of the building.