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Here's what's happening at Unity of Chattanooga:


Rev Jon Presents our September Series On


During the month of September, Rev Jon will be doing a series on "ZEAL THE DEAL".
Zeal is the ability to be enthusiastic, passionate, and motivated. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, says "The man without zeal is like an engine without steam or an electric motor without a current."
The same amount of zeal has been given to each of us. How we work with it determines the way it will work for us.
Join us at 11 AM to rev up your engine!


At Unity of Chattanooga, we offer some opportunities for you to grow spiritually, meet new friends, and just have fun. These workshops, classes, and on-going events will lift your spirit and give you something to help you with the real life issues you face during the week. Our Adult Education classes are usually 4-6 weeks long and are currently taught on Sunday afternoons at 12:30 following the Sunday service and Fellowship. The classes are based on books that follow the teachings of Unity or are in alignment with Unity principles. They help us to deepen our understanding of our spiritual selves to unfold our own path of spiritual growth. “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2

No classes are currently being offered at this time.



This year's 24-hour prayer vigil and meditation is based on the theme - Courage to Heal. The affirmation to hold is, "I am a healing presence."
Thousands of individuals and communities around the world will come together to affirm and celebrate the true spiritual nature of healing.
The World Day of Prayer service starts on September 12th at 7 PM CT (8:PM EST) and will be live streamed from Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village . The 24-hour individual Prayer Vigil starts at 8:30 and continues through the entire next day. As we connect with thousands of others through prayer, thought and the knowing that we ARE a healing presence, we make the world a better place for everyone.
World Day of Prayer Guiding Prayer:
Aligning my mind and heart with the mind and heart of God, I center myself in Pure Being. In a state of spiritual realization, I remember I can never be broken, limited, or unworthy.
Courageously, I rise into my true spiritual nature in this moment of healing. I heal the whole of me as I accept that I am brave. I am bright. I am beautiful.
As I heal in body, mind, and spirit, I support healing in my family, my community, the earth, and the world.
Centered in Pure Being, I am a healing presence.

September 25-28, 2018 
Unity's Annual Retreat at the Kanuga Conference center in  Hendersonville, NC

“The time is ripe for the advent of a new race, the advent of the spiritualized human.
We have within us innate spiritual capacities that stretch back through infinity.”  -Charles Fillmore
Keynote Speaker: Rev Margaret Hiller, Minister at Unity of Myrtle Beach SC
Keynote Musician: Rev. Christy Snow returning for a second year! 
What if …… we are witnessing and participating in our own evolution – the ever unfolding, ever expanding, ever awakening consciousness of humankind? 
What if ……. on some level we chose to be here at this time amidst all that is happening on the planet with the purpose of helping and assisting each other in the Revelation – the revealing of what Unity calls Christ Consciousness.
What if ……. we have everything we need and require to ‘rise up and show up’ and be the "Christ/the Buddha/the Presence of Healing/the Presence of Love’……. no matter what’s going on in the world around us?  
Google UMMAS Retreat 2018 to find the schedule of events and a registration form. Hope to see you there or contact


Join this group from 6:30 to 8:00 PM every Monday night at the Public Library on Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga. The book they will be reading is A Course of Love, which is a continuation to A Course in Miracles.

Even though a minister may not be in attendance each week, this group gets together for friendly spiritual conversations on Thursdays at Noon at The Meeting House located at 3912 Dayton Blvd across from Food City in Red Bank. There is parking around the back of the building.

This group meets at the home of Keith & Laura Noyes located at 906 Brynwood DR in Chattanooga on Thursday afternnoons at 4:30. Qigong is a meditative practice to balance the body energies to enhance well-being and health. No prior experience is needed and class is open to everyone.