Spiritual Leadership

Rev. Jon Scott
Spiritual Leader

Rev. Jon Scott is a man of many talents with a passion that rivals his fiery hair. He is an ordained minister, singer, musician, and songwriter. He is a consummate communicator who can skillfully unveil a mystery through a song or easy to understand sermon through his visionary teachings. 
He grew up in a religious family and is a fourth-generation minister. He began singing in the church at an early age. Jon began his ministry as the Lead pastor of Lasting Joy Church for 6 years and then led as Pastor of The Now Life Church in Eatonton, Ga for nearly 5 years.  He also served as the Director of the music department at Unity of Nashville from 2014. – 2016. We were delighted when he accepted the offer to become the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Chattanooga in December of 2017. 
Jon has never been the "normal preacher" type and has always challenged all religious systems. He continues to believe that every answer deserves yet another question so that the ultimate truth is revealed. His speaking style is conversational and sometimes controversial. Jon says " I simply desire to facilitate an environment where people feel safe to ask the hard questions and explore the beautiful mysteries of a spiritual life." He hopes your contact with him will leave you feeling more hopeful than before you met him.  His ministry is about helping to create a better world by showing people new ways to see it.

Rev. Christine Grace
Senior Minister

Rev. Christine is passionate about the awakening of humanity and the possibilities of a world that works for all. She is an ordained Unity Minister who first served as Associate Minister at Unity of Birmingham and then became the Senior Minister at Unity of Chattanooga in 2014. She is a speaker who combines her creative energy and spiritual gifts to inspire people to live better lives through Unity’s transformational teachings. As a Teacher of Truth, her talks combine a depth of spiritual knowledge, a sense of humor and contagious enthusiasm that touches and energizes her audience into expanding their understanding of God, life and themselves.
Christine holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. She is a certified Life Coach through Coach for Life. Christine has made it her life work to facilitate people in living a joyful and abundantly rich life.
In December of 2017, Rev Christine took an indefinite leave of absence to care for a family member in California but continues to keep in touch with us and be a part of our spiritual community.

Rev. Fayann Schmidt, LUT 
Pastoral Care Minister

For a long time, Fayann had dreamed about becoming a Unity Minister. She started on that journey by first receiving a certificate as a Licensed Unity Teacher in December of 2007. Next she applied to become a minister at the Unity Urban School of Ministry and is now a Licensed Unity Minister.  Fayann is currently in the final stages of getting her Ordination in June of 2018. In the meantime, she heads up the Prayer Chaplaincy Program at Unity of Chattanooga, offers Unity classes to our congregants and assists with our Sunday celebration services. She sees humor as one of our spiritual tools and finds it to be a saving grace in many situations. She has a major interest in social justice work. But her most important qualification is that she likes working with people of different faiths to hlp bring about more peace and understanding of each other. It is her pleasure to service our community in ways that bring us to oneness.

Having grown up on a farm, Fayann has a great love for nature as well as spirituality. She graduated from Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio with two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Marketing and one in Management.